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Can you relate to any of the below? If so, you might find value in speaking to a therapist.


Uncontrollable or disproportionate anger in situations where you know you have over reacted

Panic Attacks

Have episodes of not being able to breathe and feeling as though you’re going to die, sheer panic and not knowing what is setting if off

Trouble Sleeping

Sleepless nights, trouble getting to sleep or waking up with palpitations not knowing why or what is causing them only that you want a good nights sleep and to stop over thinking everything

Life Is A Repetition

Stuck in the same relationships over and over again and can’t seem to trust your decision

No Spark

Lack zest for life and know you want more from life but struggle to make any real change

Little Self Worth

Feeling as though you are a walk over with people around you and you’re being constantly taking advantage of 
Want inner strength and self worth so you can make better decisions and stop repeating bad habits

Can't get over it

A relationship that has ended that you just can't make sense of or get over. It plagues your thoughts daily.


Someone has passed and you're finding it hard to accept they are gone. Perhaps the grief is just too much


Feeling sad and tearful and not really sure why. You understand there are triggers but need a better understanding of what is going on?

Social Withdrawal/Fear of aloneness

Everyone likes their alone time, but for some it can be terrifying. Do you struggle in your own company? Or perhaps that is all you want, to only be in your own company. Socialising may be too uncomfortable for you.


Are your feelings taking over? Do you have days where you feel you just can't cope with the pressure, the expectation, the worry?

Stressed & Anxious

You feel wound up like a coiled spring and react with almost no fuse whatsoever. Perhaps you feel it in your chest, which stops you being able to think of anything other than what is bothering you.

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